About San Fénix

I’m Andrea Bridges-Smith, the CEO & Executive Producer of San Fénix Productions. San Fénix means “Saint Phoenix” in Spanish because after a spectacularly shitty year, I vowed to rise up from the ashes and do something awesome, and the mythical phoenix bird was my north star. (It’s also in reference to the X-Men character Phoenix who, without spoiling too much, went in a different direction than her former self!)

As I go through my own redemption story, I want to tell others. I believe the heart of good content is showing your characters rising up to defeat the odds. I’ve actually taught university classes on this idea – it’s called the “Puppy Sharkcano Nazislayer Theorem,” and I’d be happy to tell you about it over a beer sometime.

I don’t believe in making content for content’s sake. I want to make content that resonates emotionally with the audience, that takes them on a journey from pain to joy, from struggle to redemption. Content that shows people rising up from the ashes. After all, if they can, maybe the rest of us can too.